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Supercharge your practice’s growth, improve your online awareness, and attract new patients with our lead-focused Optometry clinic marketing strategies and techniques.
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Experience 50X Rapid Growth: Drive Traffic and Revenue with High-Quality Healthcare SEO Services for Optometrists

Being a leading full-service eye care advertising and optometry clinic marketing agency, we are here to maximize your online reach and build a strong lead generation pipeline – and that starts with getting your website in front of the right people!

As an optometrist, you know the importance of providing your patients with the best possible care. But just as important is finding new patients—and keeping them coming back for years to come. According to statistics, 90% of patients use the internet to find an optometrist in their local area, 82% prefer reading online reviews before visiting an optometrist, and around 70% never go beyond the first page. That’s why it’s vital that your practice has a strong online presence and an optimized website. At Autus Digital, we specialize in customized, effective digital marketing for optometrists and ophthalmology SEO strategies that have helped numerous practices worldwide generate more bookings and attract thousands of new patients. Our comprehensive optometry clinic marketing services range from website redesign and optometry website optimization to SEO-friendly content creation to local optometry SEO optimization, link building, and user experience improvements. With our strategic optometry SEO services, we can help you reach more people in the area who are looking for a local eye doctor, increase your leads, and boost your patient flow

Outshine your competitors’ optometry websites & score top rankings on Google in your local area with our tailored healthcare local SEO services for optometrists!


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AVS Case Study

We Provided Best Digital Services

Business Background

AVS Heating and Air Conditioning (formerly All Variety Service Co.) has been providing HVAC and appliance services in the Washington D.C. Metro area for the past 30 years. A family-owned business, AVS Heating and Air Conditioning operate with a high degree of professionalism, transparency, and integrity. They serve more than 30,000 families in the Washington D.C. Metro area. They have forged alliances with some of the biggest brands in the HVAC industry.

Market Competition

Some competitors of the client include Arlington HVAC, Mannix Heating and Cooling, and DM Select Services. Many competitors of the client have high-quality links to their sites.

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Grow Your Organic Visitors by 400X with Customized Optometry Digital Marketing & SEO Services and Strategies

We know that it can be difficult to get people in the door when you’re competing with hundreds of other practices in your area. But fret not! When it comes to optometry clinic marketing and local SEO for optometrists, Autus Digital knows what works and what doesn’t – so you don’t have to worry about figuring out the latest algorithm changes or winning the search engine wars! Since 2002, we’ve helped over 650 optometry practices across the country grow their online presence and reach their highest potential online by increasing their organic traffic from search engines like Google and Bing. With our tried-and-tested and holistic healthcare digital marketing and SEO services for optometrists, we will help you stand out from the crowd and get qualified patients from organic search top 10 results. We offer an in-depth analysis of the keywords that are used by your target audience and build a plan specifically tailored to your practice needs and goals. Our team of professional Optometry SEO experts will handle everything, from keyword research to content creation to link building and more—all while keeping your brand in mind. As a whopping 85% of people rely on Google Maps to find a location, we will also help you gain local visibility on Google Maps and local business directories. With Autus Digital, you will have access to all of our best practices for organic optometry search engine optimization at a price that won’t break the bank.

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How SEO Is Impacting Optometry Practices

SEO is a powerful tool for optometry practices and eye clinics, which helps them reach a broader audience and increase their visibility online. However, optometrists are often small businesses, so it can be tempting to focus on what’s right in front of you and forget about the big picture. But if your practice isn’t investing in eye care advertising and optometry SEO, you might be missing out on heaps of new qualified leads and a significant source of revenue. In fact, 68% of online experiences start with a search engine, and more than 60% of optometrists stated that SEO and organic traffic helped them generate more leads than any other marketing initiative. That’s why optometrists should consider SEO digital marketing strategies because they can help increase traffic to your practice and drive new patients to your door. However, if you don’t know how to implement them correctly, you may end up spending money on ineffective campaigns that don’t bring in any new patients. And that’s where Autus Digital comes in!

We know how important it is for our clients to rank on the first page of search results so that their patients will find them when they need them most. By using ROI-focused optometry local SEO strategies, and lead-oriented content, we ensure that your website is seen by the right people at just the right time. Our process is simple: research, strategize, develop & execute. Our eye care SEO experts thoroughly research the local marketplace, develop a strategic plan, and design custom digital marketing campaigns to help grow your optometry SEO presence, get more organic visitors, and increase conversions by 300%. We also help you create high-quality content that helps you rank on Google’s first page in a short time frame. The result is more patients with less work on your part and boosted bottom line.

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Our Seo Process for Optometrist

  1. 1

    Initial Audit

    SEO Step

    This is the first step in our process of optometry clinic marketing and SEO. During this time, we will gather as much information about your website as possible, looking at all the factors that affect its visibility on search engines. This includes an analysis of your site’s structure, user experience, design, speed, and content in order to assess its overall performance, pinpoint its strengths and weaknesses, and identify potential issues. Once the site audit is performed, our optometry SEO experts will generate a checklist and relevant reports consisting of all issues that need to be addressed. Your website and page may include one or more technical errors and other SEO problems, such as:

    • Broken links
    • Missing tags and headlines
    • Duplicate content
    • Slow page speed
    • Crawl errors
    • URL structure
    • 301 redirects
    • XML sitemaps

  1. 2

    Pre Optimization

    SEO Step

    The second step of our digital marketing for optometrists is pre-optimization. In this stage, we’ll make sure that your site is built in such a way that it is optimized for search engine success from the outset. Based on our findings from the initial audit, we’ll create a plan for improving your site’s SEO, which includes necessary updates to your site’s maps, metadata, content, and internal linking structure. Our vision care marketing experts will create and deliver an in-depth investigation of your website and its pages in this step.

    Before we start any website optimization, our optometry SEO experts will perform thorough keyword research and review the search results for key phrases associated with your business to determine the best keywords to target in your industry. After a final deduction, our experts will focus on expanding and filtering the initially built keyword list and help you choose which ones will be most profitable for your clinic or practice. Our team will also conduct an assessment of your competitor’s websites to see how they are ranking for those same keywords. This step is crucial because it helps us understand where you can improve your site to take more traffic, as well as where you can gain an advantage over your competitors.

  1. 3

    SEO on Page

    SEO Step

    After that, our optometry SEO experts will get down to the nitty-gritty of on-page SEO and use their knowledge of SEO best practices to optimize every page on your site so that it ranks well in search engine results pages (SERPs). These include page titles, subheads, Meta descriptions, headers/h1 tags, and body text content, among other things that influence how well a page performs in SERPs. They will focus on improving elements like page load speed, internal linking structures, site architecture, and more—all with an eye toward making sure Google (and other search engines) can find and index your content quickly and easily without having to do too much work for it! We’ll make sure that everything we do is consistent with Google’s guidelines so that you can achieve the best possible rankings without risking getting penalized or banned from their index altogether! On-page optimization will be done by:

    • Reviewing the URLs of your existing pages
    • Updating page titles, Meta descriptions, and URLs if needed
    • Using the right keywords in your URLs
    • Placing and positioning targeted keywords throughout the entire page
    • Creating unique value propositions for all pages
    • Planning and including titles for new pages (if necessary)
    • Including and optimizing your visual content and,
    • Adding both internal and external links.

  1. 4

    Google My Business Setup/Optimization

    SEO Step

    Google My Business (GMB) is arguably one of the most crucial parts of optometry clinic marketing and eye care advertising online. Claiming and optimizing your GMB listing will allow people who search for “Optometrists,” “Eye Care,” or similar keywords within a certain radius of your location to find you when they search online! Once all of the applicable sections and attributes within the GMB account are taken care of, our optometry SEO professionals will focus on optimizing your Google My Business Account. That includes:

    1. Writing a unique, catchy description of your business
    2. Providing your contact information and business hours
    3. Adding high-quality, relevant images
    4. Choosing and highlighting category-specific features
    5. Getting positive reviews and feedback from your clients
    6. Answering the questions asked by people in the Questions & Answers section, and
    7. Including your product or service offerings on your Google My Business Account.

  1. 5

    Monthly Content Marketing

    SEO Step

    Your page content provides you with the power to communicate your vision and values to your target audience and site visitors. In addition, content optimization is essential to achieve top SERPs rankings and attain quality traffic. Our digital marketing experts and optometry content writers will ensure that your web page’s content is engaging, informative, and keyword-rich. Based on audience research, journey mapping, and channel selection, they will create and offer effective content marketing strategies to improve your website’s credibility and authority on search engines. Once the content is planned, developed, and optimized, our content marketing specialists will publish and share it across different web-based and social media channels. We will also help you repurpose the existing content of your website as per your requirements and content marketing goals.

  1. 6

    Monthly Link Building

    SEO Step

    Our optometry SEO and link-building experts understand the importance of link building for search engine optimization and have the skills and knowledge required to create a successful campaign. We conduct thorough research to identify the most relevant and authoritative websites in your niche and obtain backlinks from them. Our link building approach is ethical and follows the industry’s best practices, ensuring long-term results for your business.

    Our link building services not only increase the number of links pointing to your website but also improve the quality of those links. By securing links from reputable sites, we enhance your website’s authority and credibility in the eyes of search engines, resulting in higher rankings and more organic traffic. Here’s how our eye care SEO experts can help you with link building:

    • Differentiate between high-quality and low-quality backlinks
    • Identify links that are worth sourcing
    • Check the authority of websites used for link building
    • Determine the relevancy of those websites
    • Embedding obtained links at the relevant position on your page
    • Include anchor links in your page’s code

  1. 7

    Monthly Reporting

    SEO Step

    Our digital marketing and local SEO experts for optometrists understand the importance of data-driven decisions. And as such, we deliver detailed monthly reports that analyze the effectiveness of the SEO campaigns that we’ve implemented. These reports will provide you with valuable insights into your website’s performance, including traffic analysis, lead generation, and keyword ranking progress for the last 30 days. Additionally, you’ll gain insights into your ranking history, click-through rate, backlink profile, and associated conversions.

    Our analytical reports will help you understand the impact of our efforts and provide you with actionable insights to improve your website’s search engine rankings continually. With our data-driven approach, we aim to achieve long-term results for your business and help you achieve your digital marketing goals.

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    Optometry SEO involves optimizing your website and online presence to improve your ranking on search engine results pages (SERPs). This involves a range of strategies, including optimizing your website’s content and structure, building high-quality backlinks, and optimizing your Google My Business profile. Our digital marketing and local SEO services for optometrists are designed to help you get more traffic, boost your visibility, and acquire qualified patients through organic traffic. Through a variety of tactics, including keyword research, on-page optimization, and content marketing, we ensure that your site appears in the top results when someone searches for “optometrist near me” or any other relevant terms.

    Local SEO for optometry involves optimizing your online presence to make it easier for patients in your area to find you. This includes optimizing your Google My Business profile, building local citations, and targeting location-specific keywords in your website content. When people search for things like “optometrist near me,” they want an actual business address and phone number, not just general information about eye doctors in the area. With our eye doctor and local SEO services for optometrists, you’ll rank higher on Google Maps search results, so people can find you right away!

    Optometry is a competitive field, and you need to establish your practice as the best in town. In addition, your website needs to be optimized for local searches if you want to attract new patients who live nearby and are searching online for businesses like yours. By optimizing your online presence for local search, you can increase your visibility and attract more patients in your area to your practice. We help our clients get their businesses noticed by increasing the volume of traffic they receive from local search queries. This leads to higher brand awareness and increased revenue.

    At Autus Digital, we understand that every business is different, and so are their needs. That’s why we offer a wide selection of digital marketing services and vision/eye center SEO solutions tailored specifically to optometry practices. Our team of experts will work with you to create a plan that best fits your goals and budget, so you can attract more customers from your locality, maximize ROI, and increase profits.

    We use proven best practices when it comes to on-page optimization and off-page link building tactics so that our clients can rank higher in the organic search results for their target keywords or phrases. Furthermore, our SEO process for optometrists involves a comprehensive approach that includes a website audit, keyword research, competitor analysis, pre-optimization planning, on-page optimization, Google My Business setup/optimization, content marketing, and link building.

    Optometrists are in a unique position because the business you’re in is inherently visual. The whole point of your job is to help people see better, so it’s important that you have an online presence that highlights your work but also attracts new patients. If a person can’t see your website, they’ll never be able to come in and try out your services. That’s why SEO for optometrists is so important—it gives you the ability to show up higher on search engines than your competitors and show off what makes you special.

    It’s not just about getting people to visit your website; it’s about getting them to visit when they’re looking for an optometrist! To do this, it’s important to make sure that your targeted keywords are highly relevant and easily understood by potential and demonstrate your unique selling points. Optometrist SEO is tailored specifically to the needs of optometry practices, which may involve targeting location-specific keywords, optimizing your Google My Business profile, and building backlinks from relevant healthcare websites.


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